Zhong Weihe

Bionote of Prof. Zhong Weihe






Professor Zhong Weihe, president of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, was the founding Dean of the School of Interpreting and Translation Studies and Dean of the Faculty of English Language and Culture, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies before he was appointed Vice President. He is Honorary Fellow of the University of Warwick, the U. K. He has an MA in literature translation from Nanjing Normal University and another in interpreting and translation studies from the University of Westminster, U. K. He was enrolled in the talent-raising program of MOE as a future provincial subject leader, New Century Excellent Talents Project held by the Ministry of Education and talent-raising program of MOE at the national level.

Professor Zhong is currently Deputy Party Secretary, President, professor and doctoral tutor of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies. He was once the Vice President of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Vice President and President of the Faculty of English Language and Culture, the Founding Dean of the College of Translation. His current positions are as follows: Vice Chairman of State Council Academic Degrees Committee of the “National Translation Graduate Education Steering Committee,” member of the Ministry of Foreign Language Teaching Steering Committee, National Translation Professional Qualifications (level) Examinations in English Expert Committee (Human Resources and Social Security), Vice President of China TranslatorsAssociation, and President of the Translators Association of Guangdong Province. He is also Vice President of the Guangdong Provincial Association of Young Scientists, the Ninth Guangdong Provincial Youth Federation and the 10th and 11th of Guangzhou Youth Federation.

His research mainly focuses on interpretation theory and interpretation teaching research and translation studies. As a well-known expert in interpreting studies, he has interpreted for many national, provincial and municipal leaders, foreign heads of state and influential people in politics and commerce. His main academic contributions are as follows: more than fifty articles published in noted academic journals and fifteen textbooks, works, translations and lexicons. He is currently undertaking these research projects: “Translation of Undergraduate Research Training Mode” (2009 Humanities and Social Fund Project by Ministry of Education), “Interpreting Research Methodology” (Guangdong Province Key Research Base of Social Sciences majorprojects), “Computer-aided translation and interpretation (CATIS) Learning System Development and Application (horizontal issues)”, and “Foreign LanguageTraining Quality Assurance System” (Key Project in 2007 Higher Education Reform Project in Guangdong Province).

He has received the following awards: “National Excellent Teacher” title andawards, 2001; Outstanding Returned Youth Business Star in Guangdong Province,2003; Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Award for outstanding contribution, 2004; seventh “Guangdong Youth ‘54’ Award,” 2005; Renowned Teachers Award in Guangdong Province, 2008; first prize in Guangzhou CityScience and Technology Award (science and technology category), 2008; first prize in Higher Education Achievement in Guangdong Province, 2009. His course, “English Interpretation (Course Series)” was named national course in 2007.

At present he is in charge of overall administration of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.