School of Interpreting and Translation Studies

School of Interpreting and TranslationStudies (SITS) Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

TheSchool of Interpreting and Translation Studies at Guangdong University ofForeign Studies (GDUFS) was established in May 2005. It is located on theUniversity’s North Campus surrounded by the beautiful Baiyun (White Cloud)Mountain. It serves as an ideal and marvelous place for gorgeous scenery andgifted talents.

Tocater to the social, economic, cultural, and educational development ofGuangdong Province in South China, all the university’s resources forinterpreting and translation teaching and research over the past 40 years,including their highly qualified translation faculty, have been integrated forhigh-caliber professionals in the School of Interpreting and TranslationStudies in accordance with the principles of modern higher education andcoordinated socio-economic development. What’s more, a highly qualifiedteaching team with both practical experience in interpreting and translationand fruitful theoretical findings, is comprehensively devoted to the ultimategoal of building the School as a first-rate institution for professionaltraining and education.

TheSchool has six sections under its organization, including the Department ofInterpreting, the Department of Translation Studies, the MTI Education Center,the Research Center for Interpreting and Translation Studies, the TrainingCenter for Professional Interpreters and Translators, and the NationalResources Center for Translation Studies. Under the unified guidance of theSchool, all the six sections make collaborated efforts to reach the teachingand research goals as much as possible. As a School in which faculty combinetheories with practices in GDUFS, the School has the following characteristics:

First,the School has a group of teaching and research staff with not only richexperience in teaching, but also great academic achievements. Professor ZhongWeihe, who has served as chief simultaneous interpreter for many internationalconferences, is the Founding Dean of the School of Interpreting and TranslationStudies (SITS) and is honored as the “NO.1 interpreter in Guangdong province”and “Ninth-dan/Blackbelt interpreter”. The current Dean, Professor Zhao Junfeng,is an expert member of Translators Association of China (TAC). Mr. Liu Zhijunis now the Branch Secretary of the Party Committee. Professor Zhan Cheng is vicedean and director of MTI Education Center, in charge of graduate studenteducation. Professor Li Ming is vice dean in charge of scientific research anddirector of the Training Center for Professional Interpreters and Translators.Dr. Xingjie is vice dean in charge of undergraduate education. Among the 22members of the faculty, fourteen have doctoral degrees and two are currentlyfurthering their studies as doctoral candidates while the rest are master’sdegree holders. Over seventy percent of the teaching staff are professors orassociate professors. The whole teaching team is typically featured by “high-leveleducation, high-level professional title and young age”.

Second,the School has adopted multi-level and trapezoidal academic models, includingB.A., MTI, M.A. and PhD degrees.

Third,the majority of the School’s student body is graduate students. Its graduateprograms involve various research fields in the areas of interpreting andtranslation, offering MA degrees in Conference Interpreting, Interpreting andTranslation, Translation Studies, Commercial Translation Studies, LegalTranslation Studies and Media Translation Studies. At present, there are over150 MA students in the School. MTI Education Center has set up two orientationswith 360 students at present.

Fourth,the School offers training services and continuing education to those who arecommitted to becoming competent interpreters and translators. The School’sTraining Center for Interpreters and Translators is one of the designatedtraining institutes approved by the National Translation Test and AppraisalCenter of the China International Publishing Group which is also named theChinese Translators Association. It is responsible for administering ChinaAptitude Test for Translators and Interpreters in Guangdong Province. Inproviding services for people from all over China, it offers professionaltraining to interpreting and translation professionals and those who will takethe aptitude test, and group personnel training in interpreting and translationto those who work in such field as foreign affairs, business and trade as wellas tailor-made training for teachers of translation and interpreting fromcolleges and universities.

Fifth,the school boasts an excellent simultaneous interpreting team whose members areall in the prime of their life and have much in-the-booth experience. Headed byProfessor Zhong Weihe and composed of today’s rising stars such as Zhan Cheng, JiaLanlan, Wang Dan, Zhang Lihua, and others, the group has won a number of honorsin rendering consecutive interpreting services to leaders at the national,provincial, and municipal levels as well as in rendering conference(simultaneous) interpreting services to a multitude of organizations in SouthChina. On behalf of the seven million Guangzhou residents, the group alsoparticipated in Guangzhou’s bid for an “International Garden City” and its bidto host the 2010 Asian Games. Their excellent performance in both consecutiveand simultaneous interpreting has won wide acclaim from the leaders theyrendered services to as well as from the organizations they have served.

Sixth,the school has at the same time attained brilliant achievements in interpretingand translation research. The past five years have witnessed the publication of15 monographs and more than 150 papers in academic journals both at home andabroad.

TheSchool will follow the tenets of the University motto - oral integrity,outstanding performance, and learning across cultures- with the aim tocultivating the five categories of talented individuals in accordance with thenational socio-economic developments. The five groups include:

1.Ph.D. students in Translation Studies;

2.MA students in Translation Studies (specifically in areas of ConferenceInterpreting, Interpreting and Translation Studies, Translation Studies,Commercial Translation Studies, Legal Translation Studies, Media TranslationStudies and Literature Translation Studies);

3.Undergraduates pursuing B.A. in translation (specifically in ConferenceInterpreting and Practical Translation studies)

4.Undergraduates pursuing a second bachelor degree in translation practice;

5.Professional interpreters and translators.

TheSchool endeavors to offer quality education to individuals who aspire to devotethemselves to interpreting and translation, who determine to develop a globalvision, a sense of innovation, and a great competence in interculturalcommunication. To achieve these goals, the School will help students lay asolid foundation in both English and Chinese language and to equip them with agood command of skills required of competent interpreters and translators toconduct high-level interpreting and translation work in such areas asinternational relations, diplomacy, foreign economics and trade, culture andtechnology. Our graduates have already proved themselves qualified forsimultaneous interpreting for international conferences, consecutiveinterpreting, translation and research for institutions of higher learning andresearch institutes.

Founding Dean:Professor Zhong Weihe

Dean: Professor Zhao Junfeng

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